Jumbow, the micro-community management application, comes with a gamification feature that enables and empowers engagement with your stakeholders. Gamification features come along with leaderboards, scoring metrics, action-based gamification, and creating parallel gamification to run multiple programs parallel to each other. This helps build a sense of community among your stakeholders and encourages them to take action and contribute to the organisation's overall progress. It effectively engages people in the process and makes them more involved in the organization's success.

The leaderboards enable you to track the performance of individual users and their contributions to the program. Score metrics provide an overview of each user's progress, allowing you to identify areas for improvement. The action-based gamification section allows you to create various game-like activities that drive desired behaviours in your target audience. Finally, parallel gamification allows you to run multiple programs in parallel, enabling you to measure the impact of each program separately.

Overall, Jumbow is a powerful tool for managing your community's interactions and interactions with you. It allows you to connect with your stakeholders in their preferred language and foster a more inclusive culture.