Political Party

Jumbow has been helping political parties in many ways, including a cadre management system. Imagine the scenario where the political party wants to manage their cadre in the context of the party to region, region to the constituency, constituency to the ward, and ward to a booth.

The modules are loaded with multiple objectives; you can form micro-communities and initiate numerous projects. You could assign your representatives who will work on the projects from the micro-community. You can create a straightforward task for a team or an individual. You can also create an open task that anyone in that project or the micro-community will be able to claim and complete that particular task.

As a project manager, you will be able to monitor the various tasks that have been assigned and completed. This analytical dashboard will signal the outstanding and pending projects that have elevated the time and incomplete projects. The project manager would be able to track the efficiency of individuals or the team assigned to the projects regularly.

The second module in this context of political parties is "fundraising". Fundraising has been a big challenge for political parties in the form of documentation and measurement. Fundraising has been a big challenge for the parties during elections and post-elections. In this scenario, the admin or a project manager can assign the fundraising module to every cadre in your political party, and when the team on the ground is raising funds, they can account for the fundraising in the format of a simple form, where they would need to feed the essential information and mark the funds collected as cash or cheque or UPI or a card transaction. As soon as the funds are received, the system can trigger an automatic transactional SMS or a WhatsApp notification on behalf of the party leader or the constituency leader thanking the donor for contributing to the election funds.

You can set targets for the fund collection per constituency, group, region, ward, or booth level. You would be able to measure the effectiveness of the fundraising in a simple green, yellow and red formatted dashboard which will indicate which team outperformed and which team has not yet met the target.

You can keep your data safe and secure using Jumbow. We use a very highly secure encryption methodology to ensure no data is compromised in any situation.

Jumbow supports political parties with the following modules. The modules include micro-communities, hierarchical definition, communication preference, badges to indicate the level and designation of the party represented and a highly secure member-only portal validated with their preferential member ID, task management, project management with tracking and analytics fundraising with tracking and analytics, events module to create and manage a new event and notify the people in that particular region and getting their RSVP, an internal poll option to collect the preferences of people in that specific region and a leader board, which brings to measure the community and contribution leader of that particular region and based on their contribution towards the campaigning.

All these modules are tagged with a multilingual feature, as the app supports over 140+ languages. So the local representatives can engage with your white-labelled mobile application in the language of their choice.