From building a brand to connecting to customers, inspiring employees and serving the community, a
community platform will help bring external and internal members together.



Integrate with anywhere community happens.


Work together to build stronger communities.


Eliminate busywork by automating manual tasks.


Get a single, shared view of members and activity.


Use reporting to know the impact of community.


Identify champions, and uncover trends and insights.

Key elements that distinguish a Non-Profit,
from a For-Profit enterprise

  • Social mission with a quantifiable impact
  • Dependence on individual donors, social funds, and grants for finances to run operations
  • Grow the community with the shared vision and mission objectives

How do public Social media platforms help Non-Profits in achieving their objectives?

  • Help the cause by propagating the message to the, broad target audience consisting of stakeholders that include the community that is being impacted by the mission, the donor community, the volunteers, and the project leaders
  • Generates traction to the cause (the mission) and attracts new volunteers, new donors, as well the broad community that sees the impact for real and becomes a part of the mission

Issues with public Social media platforms

  • As the Non-Profit, you DO NOT CONTROL how the principal technology owners use data generated with YOUR efforts on the platform
  • Data generated with your efforts has the potential to be misused for purposes that are antagonistic to your mission
  • Your mission is open to unsolicited proposals, random introductions, trolling, online abuse, or worse, leaving it uncontrollable

Your digital door to create your own community, online.

Jumbow is an online digital platform that helps you build a ‘private, secure, digital community of your own’.

The simplest way to build a community,
to own and manage it with ease.

It is similar to creating a community on any social media platform, but that issafe, secure, private, and without any intrusion or breach of data.

Build deeper and meaningful relationships.

Bring together inspiring members of your organization who are relentlessly acting through
advocacy, education, innovation, and impact.


Promote a variety of engagements around shared
beliefs, concerns, or interests.


Ideal support platform for members
working for a cause


Curate an opinion and explore
possibilities on various issues


Raise funds, represent
a cause, connect and act.






Best Practices

Why Jumbow?

Fastest time to deploy

Community setup in as
early as 15 days

Easy onboarding

Migrate members from
any platform

Easily customisable

User friendly interfaces
based on your need.

Control & transparency

Data security and Transparency
to your first party data


Moderate engaging

Oversee your Community

  • Get a single shared view of members and activity
  • Don’t let anyone slip through the cracks
  • Know when members perform key actions
  • It helps you nurture community and gauge impact

Measure impact

  • Use reporting to know the impact of community
  • Gain Insights into how activities drive outcomes and engagement Identify key members and those slipping away
  • Analyze member and activity info to understand your community better

Monetise with consent.

Create support and monetize through a solicited promotion like sponsorship of an event, activity, cause, or a 3rd party vendor product promotion.

Jumbow provides monetization modules in the format of Bazaar and in-stream feed ads. The organization committee can choose to decide the policy if required.

Manage with ease

  • User friendly; no or minimal technical expertise required
  • Support on content curation/moderation provided on request
  • Dedicated Moderator, if required, provided on request

Top 10 reasons why JUMBOW ?

1. Own a white-labeled community where you can bring your members under a single roof.

2. Manage multiple clubs/groups in a single platform.

3. Ease of communicating with members, including sending circulars and event notifications

4. Opportunity for new chapter members to induct & interact with veterans

5. Opportunity to establish a thought-leadership context for your members

6. Create and run polls and collect feedback, create a common agenda, etc.,

7. Create events on the platform and invite members to RSVP.

8. Create a dedicated page (Bazaar) for vendors and the opportunity to monetize and subsidize the cost

9. Include a donations program for fund-raising

10. While you run the community, Jumbow provides the complete tech support.


Bringing the external and internal developer communities together helped us to bring relevance to our customer dashboards therefore increasing customer retention and loyalty by 124%

- Bernaard Sloan, VP Tech, Bank of America

A better way to build community