Jumbow is a community management software that supports over 140+ languages in iOS and Android apps.
With Jumbow, you can communicate with your stakeholders and members in the language they prefer, enabling you to connect with your community on multiple levels. You can use Jumbow to manage your community's content, events, communications, and more from one platform.

In addition, Jumbow provides features like surveys and polls to help you gather data and make informed decisions.

This is an excellent tool for building strong community bonds between your organization and its stakeholders. It helps you connect with your audience deeper and build trust and loyalty among your members.

It's also a great way of gathering feedback from the people who matter most to you. Using Jumbow, you can get valuable insights into what drives your users' behaviour, which will help you improve your products and services.

Enabling gamification to the community in their local language will certainly gather attention and interest among the stakeholders.

Overall, Jumbow is a powerful tool for managing your community's interactions and interactions with you. It allows you to connect with your stakeholders in their preferred language and foster a more inclusive culture.

Build deeper and meaningful relationships.

Bring together inspiring members of your organization who are relentlessly acting through
advocacy, education, innovation, and impact.


Why Jumbow?

Fastest time to deploy

Community setup in as
early as 15 days

Easy onboarding

Migrate members from
any platform

Easily customisable

User friendly interfaces
based on your need.

Control & transparency

Data security and Transparency
to your first party data


Moderate engaging

Mobile App (iOS & Android)

White-labeled mobile app with
your organization branding

Top 8 reasons why JUMBOW ?

1. Own a white-labeled community where you can bring your members under a single roof

2. Manage multiple clubs/groups in a single platform.

3. Ease of communicating with members, including sending circulars

4. Create a dedicated page -Bazaar – for vendors and opportunity to monetize and subsidize the cost

5. Opportunity for new members to induct & interact with veterans

6. Create and run polls and collect feedback, create a common agenda, etc.,

7. Create events on the platform and invite members to RSVP.

8. While you run the community, Jumbow provides the complete tech support.


We have been running an association where we felt challenges communicating with our members. Although we have been using WhatsApp for a long time and email for circulars, we felt a significant difference as soon as we adopted Jumbow. We now can see the members interacting with each other and many topics discussed, and we can drive a more meaningful agenda.

-President of a community with over 1000 members

A better way to build community