Jumbow's marketplace module is a great way for your community audiences to buy and sell goods in a simple and convenient format. You can create a 'marketplace' within your community where members can post products or requests for specific items. Individuals can then browse the marketplace and choose from the available products, just like shopping online. Your community members can use the marketplace to find new vendors and make deals, whether they are looking for something specific or want to find a good deal on an item. Overall, Jumbow's marketplace module is an engaging and effective way to engage your audience and facilitate commerce within your community.

Your community members can choose to advertise their products and services in a wide range of categories, such as home improvement, pets, and electronics.

Using the marketplace, you can reach a wide range of audiences and target them with specific messages based on their interests, locations or demographics. It also gives advertisers the opportunity to test multiple ad formats and strategies in a single place before committing to a large campaign. With community-based advertising, you can reach your audience while maintaining control over the message.


You will be in a comfortable position to restrict these postings based on the level of the users or only a specific badge holder to place the marketplace advertisements. The marketplace module can be segregated into various subcategories, including subcategories of common interest, locations and more.

The community audience will be able to see and find more information about the product being exchanged and communicate its information, including pictures, videos, and descriptions. The community can also rate the product's usefulness and effectiveness. Depending upon the rating, the admin can again provide additional scoring points to the leaderboard and scorecard. In a way, it allows for a more objective way of ranking products from different categories.

Another benefit of using an online platform is that users can post their experiences with the product in question. This allows other users to learn from others' experiences and make better-informed decisions. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for brands to showcase their products to potential customers in a positive light and drive sales.

In summary, an online platform for product reviews helps promote transparency and trust in online retail markets by allowing users to share their experiences with different products and brands.

The backend administrator dashboard helps you to understand the metrics on location-wise, level-wise purchases, interest, and sale items in a fully loaded dashboard view. You can also collect feedback on the items listed from the interested members and connect that rating and feedback to the scoring system to encourage more such transactions.

Members also get to shortlist the things they want to purchase. In addition, you can use the admin dashboard to manage your list of items, including adding new ones or removing old ones.

The community groups are able to use this module for various reasons. First, it provides a platform for community members to share information and discuss topics that may be transacted inside the group. Second, it allows community groups to sell and buy used items. Third, it provides an opportunity for individuals to post an advertisement for rental-sharing outdoor tours and more. Finally, groups can use this module as a way to build relationships and develop trust among their members.