Jumbow's fundraising application module helps NGOs and political parties to manage to fundraise for a specific cause. You can treat fundraising as a project and allot it to the teams based on the hierarchy. The fundraising module comes in a multilingual facet. Therefore, the field-level resources using this application will be able to understand and navigate this module with extreme use.

You can collect the funds as cash check, UPI payments, electronic transfer or using their credit card debit cards. As a project manager, you will be able to assign targets for a specific individual or team or group of people, and the collections will start getting counted under individual heads for you to ensure the effectiveness of the person or the team or a specific group.

The end party funding that particular campaign will receive a notification via SMS or WhatsApp, a custom message, or a thank you note from the organisation or the leader leading the campaign. You can easily integrate the various funding options so that collected funds will reach your bank account directly, provided it is transferred in electronic format.

Enabling and empowering the volunteers and campaign managers with a mobile app helps get swift actions. Mainly with the native language preference, it is even more simplified when it comes to the usage and engagement of the community application.

We had noticed the political parties using this module to collect funds for their political campaign, appointed from the booth level to the ward level to the constituency level and the top. Enabling gamification has helped these party members and cadres see who the leader is, based on a straightforward pointing system. This analytics enables the political party to find which individual or a team has contributed the most, and the political parties were able to run multiple fundraising campaigns in parallel. Jumbow's fundraising module played a crucial role holistically for the constituency contenders to the political parties.


We have also noticed large NGOs running multiple fundraising campaigns to bring in a solid accounting matrix and a sensual leaderboard with special badges based on the level of contributions that the individual or the team has brought to the success of the campaign.

Since this module has been designed with a hierarchical matrix, controlling the members using the application and accessing the information becomes easier. So, for example, a project manager leading a particular fundraising campaign will be able to see how the various teams under them have contributed to the success and work with them very closely to improve the effectiveness of that individual or the team who is non-performing.

Such innovative solutions have paved the way for better nourishment towards the holistic organisational objectives under sustainable engagement and involvement of the volunteers who are working on specific projects from time to time.

And for these various initiatives, Jumbow can help organisations customise their multiple modules and the flow of funds being collected and transferred. In addition, scenarios will help you take swift options that will help you optimise and improve the organisation's overall strategy.