Jumbow is a micro-community management application developed for a group of like-minded members. Using Jumbow to create and manage events is an effortless activity. You can create free events or paid events. In the events module, you can create an event seamlessly in a few steps and invite members from your hite-labelled mobile app in a few clicks. It covers 3 major modules: pre-event, event, and post-event modules.

You can create a physical or virtual event. In the physical event, you can tag the location; in the virtual event, you can easily incorporate a Google meet, zoom or any video conference tool. You can upload event details, pictures, videos, course material, and more.

Once the event is created, you can convert it to a micro-community, so the event organizer becomes the admin and can appoint moderators for the closed group of people attending the event.

You can invite people from different clusters and groups to participate in an event and collect RSVPs, enabling them to share the event invite with other groups they are part of to spread the news. This helps create a network of people who are interested in the same topic and interested in attending the event. It also helps you determine how many people you need to plan for and prepare for an event.
You can run polls to collect feedback from the attendees during the event.

The post-event automation sequence can be used to follow up with attendees at regular intervals after the event. This helps monitor the event's progress and effectiveness and provides support and resources to attendees if needed. In addition, advanced in-built analytics can be used to measure the impact of post-event follow-ups by analyzing data such as social media posts, email responses, and survey responses. This can help optimize future events and improve their effectiveness.


Jumbow Event Management is a powerful, easy-to-use event management solution that allows organizers to easily manage their events. The module allows users to create and manage events, including deadlines, attendees, and more, all from your mobile app with special permissions enabled by Admin.

This tool can become a micro-community where attendees can share experiences, ideas, and strategies for tackling common challenges. Using the Jumbow Event Management module, the event can become a micro-community that the attendees can use as a peer-learning tool, and the community can grow. The tool offers various features that allow organizers to manage and organize their events efficiently.

For example, they can set up online registration, send alerts about upcoming events, and track attendance data. In addition, the tool provides organizers with reports on attendee demographics and engagement levels. Jumbow is a powerful event management platform that helps organizations organize and manage their events effectively.