Jumbow for Corporate

Chief Community Officer is the new Chief Marketing Officer. Building communities are becoming essentially crucial for the organization both internally and externally.

Using the gamified community to build employee engagement via Intranet! Gamified community management applications can increase employee engagement and build an organisation's stronger sense of community. These applications are designed to incorporate game-like elements into community management tasks, such as providing challenges and rewards for completing tasks and feedback on team performance.

These gamified applications can allow employees to gain points, levels, and other forms of digital recognition as they complete their daily duties. In addition, this type of community building can help boost employee morale and encourage them to interact with one another more effectively and productively. Using a gamified community management application to build employee engagement is a great way to help your organization improve its overall productivity and effectiveness!

In addition to building employee engagement, gamified community management applications can help organizations manage their workforce more effectively. With the ability to track individual user data and analyze trends, these applications can help managers make informed decisions about employee performance.

Jumbow empowers many corporates with their white-labelled gamified community mobile applications (iOS & Android).

Let's talk about some interesting scenarios:


A central place for all employees to communicate their thoughts, and share good vibes, just like in Instagram, but only for the internal employees - a private network for the employees

Job Board

Who can be the best referral than the one from your employee? Fostering the culture of referral helps your HR department with suitable candidates who would fit your organization's culture. With Jumbow's app, you can access job openings and collect referrals in a few clicks.


Creating sub-groups beyond work creates a good bonding with peers and colleagues (e.g., Running club, Jogging Club, Yoga club, Cooking club, and more.). This certainly helps retain talent and reduces attrition.


A module where the corporates negotiate better deals with other companies and offer a discount coupon for all employees. You can offer custom coupons to an individual, a specific team who completes the target, a member who attends an event and even more gamification.


A leaderboard to measure the engagement of every participating employee, understanding the trends on the topics of interest, etc.,


A place of their own to buy & sell used items, just like a simple ad. Buying from a known person is trustable than an unknown peer.

Now let's look at the external usages

"How about the same app used by your vendors, suppliers, your end consumers for a loyalty program?" Yes, all is possible in one single app, and you can accomplish much more beyond your imagination. Check with us to know more.