Jumbow for Alumni Management

Jumbow has an exciting module for alumni management. Your alumnus plays a very crucial role in your university. They are the jewels of the achievement that your university or your school has created. Managing alumni for global or local alumni is exceptionally crucial, and you need to provide them with a very simple-to-use intuitive platform for engagement. Jumbow offers white-labelled alumni management software, which is gamified and comes with a mobile-first approach. Your alumni can download your institution's mobile application and connect to peer alumni globally using the application.

The app will also constitute a member directory with which your alumni can find their classmates or known people in the region, nearby locations or based on the year of the completion and the campus of completion.

The app will also provide alumni with a marketplace to list their old books, rental references, and rental-sharing provisions so that they can interact with the current students who are in the upcoming batch. The administrator will have an ultimately loaded dashboard with which you can control what is asked from alumni management software. The administrator of this application will be able to approve the alumni based on their registered information and monitor the alumni engagement using the leaderboard and the scorecard system.

You can deploy "AGE Algorithm" gamification by defining various scoring metrics based on the alumni's involvement. Inside the application, you can simultaneously send newsletters to all the alums as an administrator. You can selectively communicate with them based on their preferences, which may be based on the region, year of graduation, or volunteering interest.

In the alumni management software, you can create micro-communities for alum to discuss various topics of their interest. You can also invite the prospects of the institute to participate in the alum app with restrictive permissions. You can use the badge module inside this software to tag them as prospects to poke the interest by showcasing alumni engagement globally.

The software is straightforward; a one-member team can manage that. The software's administrative dashboard is loaded with analytics on various touch points, giving you complete clarity of engagement inside the application on the different models. I'm sure your alumni are already trying to network within themselves in WhatsApp or telegram; why not take this opportunity to provide them with a simple-to-use alumni management mobile application they can manage in their palms!